Friday, June 4, 2010

A mostly quite Memorial weekend on the racing front. One of our newest riders, Casey Hildenbrandt of Wausau, WI was racing WORS in his hometown and filed a report on the race:

"The race on sunday... stayed with the insane lead out for the start. Fourth wheel into the singletrack. After the first lap, I was third, leading the group from third to seventh. Some road tactics came in as a team was playing games with the rest of us. Two team extreme guys, two expo, and myself. The extreme guys went, I covered, then fell off. Got passed by Nate Labecki, expo, and couldn't keep up. Lack of legs, (which are starting to come onto form i believe)... then I got a gap on Caleb, but about 2 miles into the third and final lap, Caleb caught me, and I only stayed with him for a mile. Then I dropped off, and started to cramp. The heat and lack of riding due to school got to me. With school done, I am ready to ride!"
Racing on tap this weekend at Afton Alps. Congratulations to the Elite Team in the MNMB Series Competition for first place at Salem Hills!!

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