Friday, August 16, 2013

Border Crossing-Blacks-Rusty Ride-Wednesday Night Racing

Summer is zipping on by! Events galore on the calendar. The team is riding strong with solid results as Maplelag gears up for the big Laddies Loppet weekend.

Currently the team is sitting fourth overall in the Minnesota series, led by the Sport (3rd overall) and Expert (2nd overall) classes, moving up a few spots after the Border Crossing.

Team rider recaps from Border Crossing and Black's Grove on August 6th MW MTB report on

Jordan Horner leading the charge in Sport Women. Taking her fourth consecutive win in the overall Sport female! Nice job Jordan!

And recap from the Rusty Ride on the August 13th MW MTB Report on

Greg Ames cranking it in the Wednesday night race at Maplelag. Greg raced the Rusty 100 last weekend and racing the MDH 100 this weekend!

Denny Barry at the start of Black's River Crossing MTB race. Denny and crew did a great job with course prep and putting on the event.

Thad Schulz racing at Black's. Thoughts and prayers towards Thad as he crashed in to a loaded boat trailer earlier this week. The bike was toast but Thad came through okay and a few weeks of recovery will be back in action.

Jens Richards rolling through the singletrack at Black's en route to winning the kids race

Maplelag team riders at the line before Wednesday night racing at Maplelag on the 2013 Loppet course. Racing again on the 21st of August at 6:50pm! One lap of the Sport/Comp/Expert loop (7.5miles)

Results from August 14th

1)Richard Jaime     38:42
2)Greg Ames            42:40
3) Asa Jacobs          45:10
4) Steve Wenzel       45:25
5) Ben Olson              47:49
6) Matt Wenzel         49:10
7)Tony Schmitz        50:42
8) Jack Ellefson        51:06
9) Aaron Spicer         54:12
10) Todd Hale               55:35
11) Denny Barry       57:32
12)Andy Maganatto  58:06
13) Anne Ellefson       58:38
14) Tom Clowe             61:03

Photos from August 14th MTB Race on Facebook

Steve and Matt Wenzel out for a ride on the course a few weeks ago, hanging out with Maplelag's new dog to shred the Lag!

Jack rippin' on the singletrack last week.

The first Maplelag mountain bike team was called "Team Zizi", short for Zizibaakawadaboo which means "sugarbush" in Ojibway. Scott Olson, one of the original members, out on the course this week, still rolling the 26 rigid!

Keep the wheels moving!

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