Thursday, June 30, 2011

Subaru Cup-Jamestown Epic-Wheelhouse Classic

Last weekend of June saw riders spread out among three states! Jake, Casey and Corey raced in the Subaru Cup with Jake pulling out a top five finish among top Jr riders in the country and Casey posting a solid race at 10th place. Corey had one of her best placed finishes coming in 5th in her class and only 4 minutes off first. Nice job to the Subaru Cup racers!

Steve and Matt Wenzel along with Matt Engen raced in the Jamestown Epic enduring sweet muddy conditions.

Racing in the Minnesota series saw riders hitting the sweet course at Memorial Park.

Dan DeRoma recorded a 58th place overall in his first year of racing.

Denny Barry sent a report from his race:
I was really feeling like I was flying first lap , passing a few here and there , and being at my almost out of control limits . I was sliding out a little every so often, staying out of trouble though , just having exciting moments of back end catching front , or front heading towards trees on sharp turns , all the time thinking it's roots , rocks and all that other stuff that gives bike twitchy feelings . Midway through second lap , clouds cover sun , sweat dripping , sunglasses come off , and that's when I see the the wet trail , that I couldn't see with my sunglasess on ..... bike slipped less on remainder of second as well as third lap . And it also went slower . The Spin Cycle had lots of riders strewn all over in the brush as I went by them on first lap , I should of figured out something , other than '' thinking'' I was fast

Read Steve's recap along with Jake's recap from the Subaru Cup and the Wheelhouse classic on skinnyski

Corey leading the field off the start at Subaru Cup.

Eric Oftedahl leading a group of riders in the Expert field on the sweet course in Red Wing as Jake catches some air. The Elite class led the team once again with 4 riders in the top 16 en route to a 2nd place team finish. Nicely done Sam and Eric Oftedahl, Mason Basco, and Jake.

Team Riders: If you have pictures from your races, please pass along so I can post on the team blog!

Keep the wheels moving!!

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