Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Bike Race Flyer

Scroll down for course photos.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Bike Race Course Recon

Sunday February 26th we will be holding our first ever winter "fat bike" race. The start time will be 10"30am. It will be one distance, with awards for classes. All types of bikes open to ride but depending on conditions, the "fat bike" may be preferred! This is a low key fun event. The course will run on lakes, swamps, bootleg snowmobile trails, snowpacked gravel and forest roads, bushwhacking through the woods, ski trail and a short section of singletrack mtb trail. Distance is around 8 miles. Ride time should be anywhere from 5o minutes to two hours. This post is to show a little bit of what the course will look like. Of course, weather can change how things look and could be either hard pack and fast or fresh snow and slow! The course is also subject to change, depending on race day conditions. With Lotvola Cup on Saturday, plan on making a weekend out of it at Maplelag! Special rates for participants. Call or email for information:

Start on the lake in front of main lodge.

Ride along the edge of the lake.

Make way to Bullhead bay!

Snowmobile trail through Bullhead bay.
Fresh coyote scat on the trail.
In to the woods from Bullhead bay.
Out of the woods on to Bulhead lake.
Bullhead lake.

End of lake through marshy area.

Ditch riding after riding through the woods. Left on to Sugar creek rd.
Sugar creek rd.

Left off of Sugar creek rd. Bushwhack through woods to ski trail.
Hike a bike through woods. Ski trail in distance.

Take left on North Loup ski trail. Ride on skate deck. (closed until race day)
Fast and fun rollers on North Loup.

Right off of North Loup to Roy's Run ski trail than left on Sugarbush trail rd.

For the first time in 15 years, someone plowed Sugarbush trail. Darn. Much easier riding.

Right off of Sugarbush trail then left on to Maplelag driveway than left on last section of mtb singletrack to finish the loop! Check back for latest updates and information.