Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Season- Training Adventures

 Maplelag team rider Eleanor Magnuson who recently tied the knot with former team rider Mason Bacso (now riding for KUHL) enjoyed part of their honeymoon riding up Mount Haleakalā in Hawaii!! Eleanor reports: I believe it look us just under 6 hours to climb up, at about 7,000 feet the altitude started hitting us hard. Some woman at the top asked us how we trained for it and I realized that this was only about #8 or so bike ride of the year for me. It took a little over an hour descending which was really fun but we had to stop multiple times because it was raining and our hands were so cold we couldn't really feel the brakes. Most of the descent was fun but at the top a bit sketchy because of the winds."

Waving the flag at 10,000ft. 

Denny Barry got a jump start on the season, heading south to hook up with area rider, Dave Jensen with  Denny was " F-S&S across The Katy Trail in Missouri. The first day was 95 miles with the hills  in the city of Jefferson being the final 5 miles that spoke volumes for the fun factor in the dark. 250 miles in 3 days on my mtb was a bit much for the very first ride of the season, but all good". 

 Mid April took a trip to Mexico with Jonell for five days. The riding was a mix between paved roads and dusty mountain roads with a little bit of singletrack in the mix. Fun to see trails ridden in the past now showing up on Strava. There is some incredible riding potential up in the mountains that see riders logging 50-100 mile rides east of Puerto Vallarata.
The Maplelag course dried up nicely after the winter snow melt allowing the first ride of the season over Easter weekend.  Recent rain closed the course but now with a few days of drying, the course is good to go. 

Keep the wheels moving!