Friday, April 27, 2012

Mountain View Singletrack

Team rider Tony Schmitz has been leading the charge on the development of mtb singletrack at the Mountain View Rec Area just east of Detroit Lakes. A great place to ride just outside of DL. Hooked up with Tony this week to check out the new track built this spring and plans for the future. Check out the website here. Video highlights below.
 Nice job Tony!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shred the Lag with the Dog

 Riding on the Laddies Loppet course has been great this spring. Team riders have been on course for early season singletrack training. Some years we are still covered with snow and frost! Trail conditions and photos are updated frequently on the Maplelag website.  The course is looking great for the Spring Opener.  

Steve Wenzel and Matt Engen rolling out with a group from Fargo this past Sunday. 

Steve and Matt rolling through the Bente's Bump singletrack.

 Denny Barry rolling the big rock on the Bente's Bump singletrack section.

Jake berming on the "fargo" section.

Denny picking a line.

Jake riding the stairs on twin lakes singletrack with the fat bike.

Keep the wheels moving!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paul Bunyan State Forest

Thursday of this week hooked up with team rider Lars Ellefson for a ride in the Paul Bunyan State Forest. PBSF has 100s of miles of trails, mainly built for atv and dirt bike riding. The dirt bike trails make for fantastic mountain biking and the atv and forest access trails make for great connectors. You can ride for hours without hitting the same trail twice. I have been riding here for over the last 20 years, usually hitting it in the spring or fall when the riding seems to be best.

We rode for around 2 hours, hitting a 20 minute loop Lars calls the time trial loop which has around a five minute sweeping flowing bermy downhill. Highly recommend riding here if ever the chance. There really isn't anything like it in the state. It is raw, can be rough and be sure to carry tools for any deep woods bike repair. The ticks are notorious here so be sure to check all the spots where the sun doesn't shine. During the week there is less of a chance to run into motorized traffic but in all the times riding here, I have only seen a few atvs.

Nice new big map system at the expanded parking lot.

The dirt bikes have really dug down the trail in spots making for fun and challenging climbs.

Weaving through the woods.
Conditions were very dry and "hard" making for fast riding on the atv and forest roads.

Hitting in berm as the trail transitioned from a clearing to the woods.

High point with a nice little vista.
Rocky descent.

Fast and fun rolling and twisting singletrack.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Racing Season

With the early arrival of Spring, the Maplelag MTB team members are gearing up for another great season with early season riding on the favorite trails. We will be waving new team kits, designed by teamer Tony Schmitz. Riders will across the country with most action taking place in ND, MN and WI. Look for team riders from the kid races to Elites and epic endurance type events. We welcome Merrill Lynch as a new sponsor as we represent and support Maplelag Resort, Paramount Sports, Hollywood Cycles and The yellow band on the sleeve is in memory of Floyd Bedbury who worked closely with team riders Eric and Sam Oftedahl and was a influence on many in the endurance world. Keep the wheels moving!

Maplelag MTB Spring Opener

Come shred the Lag with the Dog as we celebrate Jake graduating from high school! Click on image to view full size.