Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relatively quiet weekend for the team. Newest rider to the team, Corey Coogan, raced in the Chippewa Valley Firecracker recording a solid 14th place finish among a field of 30 riders. Ben Popp of Endurance Athlete hit the dirt after 15 years recording a 65th place finish in the Comp class.

Comments from Corey

 It was a fun time and a great course. They have added even more
single track since last year (as always, nothing very technical, but
it's a lot of fun to ride fast). Everyone I talked to really had a
lot of fun out on the course. I did well enough. I felt decidedly
like I had a gear missing (Eau Claire's kind of a sprint), but
having done 2 weeks with lots of Lv 3 time and avoiding all level 4
per Piotr in preparation for climbing and altitude, that's to be
expected. As far as mud, it only sprinkled during the sport race
and the sun (and the dust) came out for ours. It was a surprise to
drive into pouring rain on the way home."

Racing action this weekend will see riders at the Singletrack attack in Elk River as part of the MN MTB Series and handful of team members will be racing at the US MTB National Championships in Sol Vista, CO. Good luck to all team members this weekend.

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