Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laddies Loppet Mountain Bike Stage Race Weekend

An awesome weekend on the home course racing at the Laddies Loppet Stage race. Super proud of all our team members and my nephews racing waving the flag for the home team. The team won the overall among all other registered teams including a first place finish by the Elite and Sport teams. With one race left in the series, the team sits in fourth place in the omnium with a chance to move up to third after St. Cloud. Nice! The Elite class is holding down first place. Great job once again to everyone. Everyone raced their hearts out with a great attitude to boot. Awesome stuff.

Jens Richards in Kids Comp.
Nephew Grant Horsager in Kids Comp.
Nephew Reagan Garden in Kids Comp.
Wyatt Horner in Kids Comp.
Garrett Horsager in Kids Comp.
Wyatt Horner in Kids Comp.
Jack Richards singing the National Anthem before the start of Sunday's races. Jack rode with...
....cousin Ripley and nephew Ripley in Kids Comp. Nicely done Jackson.
Taylor Horner in Citizen.
Ethan Brekke racing in Citizen, wearing the first Maplelag team jersey from 1993, Team Zizibakawadaboo!!
Jeff Beck in Sport.
Tony Schmitz in Sport.
Denny Barry in Sport.
Jordan and Sport.
Andrea Horner in Sport.
Eric Lebow in Expert.
Corey Coogan Cisek in Expert.
Matt Horner in Comp.
Steve Wenzel in Comp.
Matt Engen in Comp.
Trent Warner in Expert.
Jeremy Dirk in Comp.
Matt Wenzel in Comp.
Jake Richards in Expert.
Sam Oftedahl in Expert.
Eric Oftedahl in Expert.

Keep the wheels moving!!

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