Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cross Season

The Cyclocross season is in full swing. A handful of team riders have been hitting the races with Sam Oftedahl posting a top 5 finish at the Wirth Classic last weekend.

(Sam floating through the mud with ease as riders struggled with the challenging, more mtb type course)

Team rider Lars Ellefson, out in Durango, CO gearing up for the ski season, raced in the Wells Bro cx race in Durango and filed a report:

A great day to be on the bike! Jack Hinkens and I headed up to Durango Mountain Resort at 9000ft to get our suffer on at the Wells Bros CX Race.
Todd had set up a sweet and challenging course with stairs, bridges, a good climb and some fast descents.
The mood was pretty layed back at the start which was nice, I still felt a little pressure since I looked so fast rocking my new Maplelag skinsuit!
Anyway, Jack took the holeshot and set a pretty good pace off the start.... I decided not to bury myself as i've found out this is not smart racing so high up! I was on my mountain bike and it was actually okay out there! there was a rough, rooty rocky section at the top of the climb and I could get through it a lot faster then on a cross bike! By the 3rd lap I had passed Dylan Stucki who had a flat and was running for a new wheel. And the by the 5th lap I had passed Andrew Llewellyn who also had flatted. I was suffering out there and 50 minutes seemed to drag on. There was pretty good crowd and Troy was announcing and getting everyone pumped. Flats were a major problem as about 2/3 through the race I went by Jack who was out with a bad luck flat. I was pretty much alone the last 3 laps and barely made it but finished on the lead lap. Todd was flying so I felt pretty good about not getting lapped. It was fun local race with some good competition and a great workout! Top three were Todd Wells, Matt Shriver, Brenden Schafer. I believe I endend up 6th in the A class. On the way down Jack and I had the idea to go jump cascade falls. Well it's been a month since we did it and it WAS SO COLD! I won't forget the look on Jack's face. Good recovery, and a good day.

Has been an incredible month of dry weather. Here at Maplelag we completed the new singletrack loop by Twin Lakes. The trail is open for riding and riders are welcome to help buff in the course. Get those Fall rides in before deer hunting and the snow flies!!

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