Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mountain Bike Trail Report

Spring riding is upon us! The recent run of dry weather has dried up the trails enough for riding. We have not received any rain this week. There is still trail work to be done such as clearing trees, picking sticks and putting up signs but the trails are open for riding. A few low areas still holding water to watch for otherwise the riding has been great for early season.

First section of singletrack on the Laddies Loppet course.

Top of Suicide hill. Free of snow for first time since October! Part of Laddies Loppet course.
Technical section on Twin Lakes singletrack. The TL singletrack endured the winter nicely. We blew out the leaves before the snow fell so the track is easy to see.

Twin Lakes singletrack.
With the trails drying up late this year, and the way the schedule is playing out, it doesn't look like we will be able to host a short notice spring race like we did last year. If anything changes, we will post accordingly.

Keep the wheels moving!

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