Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ragnarok 105

The Weather Channel did a spin off during the NCAA basketball tournament having brackets of cities that had the toughest weather in the country. The great city of Fargo came through as the tournament champion!

The team has a handful of riders living in the Fargo area, including Steve Wenzel who competed in the Ragnarok 105 last weekend. Steve commutes daily, rain, snow or shine, each day to work, and riding in the countries toughest weather provided good training for the Ragnarok. We like to call Steve the toughest commuter in the country.

Steve racing at Laddies Loppet short track, 2010 ( photo)

The Ragnarok is a grass roots riding event limited to 105 riders. Conditions were good for this years event and Steve logged 9 hours in the saddle in route to a successful day moving the wheels. Nicely done Steve.

Reads Steve's full report on his blog.

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