Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Laddies Loppet Mountain Bike Stage Race

Wow, awesome weekend of mountain biking at the home base as 25 riders waved the flag in great form (and Eleni making noise nicely!). I think pretty much everyone had one of their best races of the season at some point of the weekend. A good indication of how this team is as they display their awesome riding skills on the challenging course at Maplelag. Great job to everyone who toed the line and thanks for doing such a great job of representing. We are proud of everyone and honored to have such a solid team.

Mason Bacso starting the weekend out by hitting the lake jump, throwing down a 360.

Nephew Ripley Garden racing in Kids Comp. "Uncle Jay, I want to do two laps in the short track, not one".

Nephew Garret Horsager charging at the finish line after having chain trouble.
Nephew Grant Horsager dicing it up in Kids Comp.
Ben Wenzel not giving up after breaking a chain.
Jeff Beck weaving through the trees. Jeff had the Paramount tent set up helping out riders with any tech issues.
Jack Richards racing Kids Comp. Jack did all three stages this year. Proud of Jack.
Tony Schmitz on the new Twin Lakes singletrack. Tony designed the race shirts.

Denny Barry showing the youngans how it is done in Sport on the lakeside drops.
Michael Cisek lakeside.
Tom Heilman racing Sport.

Corey Coogan Cisek putting everything on the table and picking the good line in the short track. Consistent second place finishes.

Matt Wenzel having a great weekend stepping on the podium often and taking second overall in the stage race for Comp.
Steve Wenzel having a top notch weekend as he leads a group in the short track.
Matt Horner also having one of his best weekends of the season.
Dan DeRoma hitting the Maplelag trails for the first time, racing Comp.
Sam Oftedahl mixing it up in the short track, pulling Hollywood through. Hollywood's new team kits waving the Maplelag flag nicely. Top three finish in the cross country. Almost bridging the gap to second.
Lars Ellefson doing battle with Devin Curran. Lars was running good in the xc until his rear derailleur blew up.
Jake Richards leading the chase group in the short track en route to his best ever finish at fourth.
Mason Bacso going all out in short track.
Alye DeRoma climbing lakeside, en route to a fourth place finish Elite women. First time racing at Maplelag.
Love this picture. Wyatt and Devon Horner chatting it up with Cole Johnson pre-race. Cole has been waving the shorts during the season.
Jens Richards throwing it down in short track.
Andrea Horner making for an exciting race in short track.
Eric Oftedahl posting consistent top 7 results over the weekend and top five stage race.
Jake and Jessica Stelter rolling the tandem in the time trial.

Thanks again to everyone and awesome job racing.
Keep the wheels moving!

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