Monday, May 14, 2012

Riding Mary Yellowhead

Saturday Lars, Jake and I rode from Maplelag to Mary Yellowhead (MYH). MYH is a area just west of the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge. The MYH road is a gravel road which provides access to MYH trail. Off of MYH trail are numerous atv trails that are neither marked or found on any map. I was first introduced to the trails from early team rider Chris Ziegler who lives a few miles away from the trail. The quad trail riding is fun riding with great terrain. There is some good flow and makes for nice deep woods riding. There are a lot of trails to be explored. Just ride until they come back to the road or dead end.

Riding down the MYH road.

MYH trail

 Climbing one of the longer hills on MYH trail. Fast fire road riding.
 Jake climbing one of the hills on the quad trails.
 Jake and Lars weaving through the quad trail.
 Taking a break before heading back. A nice 30 mile out and back ride. Mixed it up a little at the end, coming through the Sugarbush trails and riding the Maplelag ski trails to the north.

Paceline on hiway 34. Pavement riding for about half mile. If you would like more information about riding the Mary Yellowhead, please drop a note.

Keep the wheels moving!

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