Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waving the Flag-Maplelag Spring Opener

Maplelag hosted a early season race to celebrate Jake graduating from high school. A good number of team members hitting the Maplelag course for pretty much perfect riding conditions. Always a great day to ride and race with team members. Great job to everyone waving the flag so nicely. Big thanks to Bruce at for photos. Click here for photos and results.
 Jens heading out with cousins Grant and Garrett. Cole Johnson in the mix waving Lag shorts.
 Jake weaving through the trees.
 Jeff Beck
 Greg Ames
 Matt Wenzel. Mat also graduating this year. Congrats Matt!!

 Matt Engen threading the needle through the trees.
 Ben Wenzel waving one of the early team jerseys.
 Steve Wenzel rolling through.
 Berm action on last section of singletrack.
 Tony Schmitz rolling lakeside.

Denny Barry rolling off the start. 
 Thad Schulz lakeside. 

Ian Fritz hitting the home stretch.
Tom Heilman climbing lakeside.

Shreddin' the Lag with the Dog... Carlos putting in a good day with 13 miles plus all out effort.

Keep the wheels moving!

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