Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Afton Avalanche-Riding Around the Midwest

Most recent action saw riders hitting up the hilly slopes of Afton Alps for race #6 in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series. Race recap from Anne Ellefson, (who recorded a 6th place overall in female Sport and 4th in the age group) on MW MTB Report on

Other places by team members include:
Wyatt Horner 4th overall, 3rd in age class, Kids Comp division
Devon Horner 24th overall and 2nd in age class, Citizen division
Jordan Horner, 1st overall Female and 1st in age class Sport (Third win in a row for Jordan! Nicely done Jordan!)
Andrea Horner 2nd overall 1st in age class, Sport
Denny Barry, 63rd overall, 3rd in age class Sport
Corey Coogan Cisek 4th overall 2nd in age class female Elite
Eleanor Magnusson 6th overall 1st in age class female Elite

The team members aren't racing, they are on the road training or hitting up dirt throughout the Midwest. Check out the photos below.

 Jeremy Hecker climbing at Afton to a 35th place finish and 3rd in age class, Elite
 Matt Horner rolling to a 9th place overall and 1st in age class, Comp

Mason Bacso hammering to a 6th place overall and 2nd in age class Elite male

 Bjorn Adelsman out on the road while doing a 50 mile ride last weekend.

 Dave Simmons, Matt Wenzel and Greg Ames getting in some good training in the Paul Bunyan State Forest last weekend.
Bruce and Bjorn Adelsman heading out for the final leg in New Brighton to Bemidji road tour.

Jake Richards checking out the singletrack at Piedmont in Duluth area.

Eric Oftedahl at the Lester Park trailhead in Duluth.

 Jon Richards rolling down the Goat Ranch Rd near Maplelag

Great riding on the Maplelag course with recent cooler temps. Felt like October in the mornings this past weekend.
Jens and Cooper working on a berm on the Maplelag mountain bike course. The track is looking great and we are getting excited for the upcoming Laddies Loppet weekend!

Keep the wheels moving!

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