Saturday, July 6, 2013

Buck Hill and Firecrackers

Hard to believe we are nearing the halfway point of the season! Lots of events going on throughout the country. Team riders recently competed in race #4 in the Minnesota series, race #5 in the Wisconsin Series and a couple of riders out west competing in the Breckenridge Firecracker 50.

Steve Wenzel and Matt Engen upon completion of the Breckenridge Firecracker 50. Both riders finished under the 5 hour 30 min mark. Nice job fellas! Read Steve's report in the latest MW MTB Report on

Race #4 in the Minnesota Series at Buck Hill saw pretty much ideal racing conditions, albeit a bit warm but a solid turnout by the team riders, especially the Elite class.  Report on MW MTB report on 

Sam Oftedahl racing to a top five finish in Elites (Todd Bauer photo)

Team riders with the following placings:

Wyatt Horner: 3rd place overall 3rd age class Kids Comp

Michael Cisek 14th place overall 2nd age class Citizen
Devon Horner 24th place overall 1st age class Citizen

Jordan Horner 1st place overall 1st  age class Sport
Thad Schulz   29th place overall 4th age class Sport
Denny Barry 71st place overall 5th age class Sport

Matt Horner 29th place overall 5th age class Comp

Corey Coogan Cisek 3rd place overall 1st place age class Elite
Sam Oftedahl  5th place overall 1st place age class Elite
Jay Richards 28th place overall 7th place class Elite
Jake Richards 40th place overall 4th place age class Elite

Jake Richards racing at Buck Hill

Race #5 in the  Wisconsin Off Road Series

Eric Oftedahl 30th overall 5th place age class Elite

After 4 races in the Minnesota Series the team sits 7th overall in the Omnium standings
Elite team 2nd overall
Comp team 12th overall
Sport team 3rd overall
Citizen team 8th overall

Click here for overall standings. Nice job Corey Coogan Cisek for overall lead in the Elite women.

Once again great job everyone. Good luck on the next round of racing!

Keep the wheels moving!

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