Friday, May 6, 2011

Mountain View Rec Area

With a team consisting over 30 riders racing in different classes in states across the country, we definitely see some great results. But the team is not all about the results. Many of the athletes help out with coaching, clinics, and sharing the love in not only mountain biking but also Nordic skiing. We also have riders helping build trails to improve and create riding opportunities for others. One of the team riders, Tony Schmitz, has been leading the charge in building singletrack at the Mountain View Rec Area which is located just outside Detroit Lakes. I rode part of the track last fall but met up with Tony this week to ride what he and others have completed this Spring. It is a great start to what will be a really fun trail. It isn't super long but combining the ski trails and other possibilities in the area, you can get more than your fill of moving the wheels in the twisty and turny. Other team riders who have helped build the trail include Jeremy Dirk, Ian Fritz and Jake Richards.
Tony riding one of the new sections built this Spring.

Riding over "Jeremy's creation".

The ski trails at Mountain View are starting to buff out nicely. Very fun terrain with fun, fast rolling hills. Be sure to check this area out not only for mountain biking but also skiing in the winter. Keep up the great work Tony!!

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