Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Series Racing in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Team racing action last weekend saw riders hitting up the state series in MN and WI. Mudfest in Minneapolis with the first race in the Minnesota series at Salem Hills. Jeff Beck, Brandon Charboneau, Jake Richards, Lars Ellefson and Sam and Eric Oftedahl hit the line for some wet and sloppy riding. In Wisconsin, Casey Hildenbrandt recorded a solid 4th place finish in Jr Elite.

Jeff Beck racing in Sport.

Jake Richards racing JR Elite. In the top five first few laps of the race before falling back a few spots to a solid top ten finish at 8th place.

Lars Ellefson caked in mud. Like Sam, bike mechanicals forced them off the bike. Eric Oftedahl recorded a top 10 finish at 10th and Brandon posted a 44th place overall in Comp.

Nice racing all....keep the wheels moving!

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